UniCurb Curb Adaptor

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 01:24

When an existing rooftop HVAC unit needs be replaced there are two options for the building owner:

  1. Remove the unit and the unit’s roof curb – then install a new curb, transition the duct work to attach to the new curb, and then set the unit. There is significant downtime and expense in removing the existing curb and re-roofing the new one, and of course there is always the risk of creating roof leaks, or
  2. Remove the existing unit but leave the existing curb in place. Then set a UniCurb curb adaptor™ on the existing curb that will allow the new HVAC unit to transition to the existing duct and curb. This option will save both time and money.

Having the curb adaptor on the job site as quickly as possible is critical to maintaining building comfort, which is why MicroMetl ships from all 3 strategically located manufacturing plants. Many curb adaptors are available in 24 hours and almost all are offered with a standard 3 day maximum lead time. Hundreds of curb adaptor models are available to all existing HVAC unit curbs. Curb adaptors are available for 2 ton 100 ton units and are design for both constant and multi-zone applications.

Curb adaptors are constructed of welded heavy gage galvanized steel, ship fully assembled where practical and include duct transitions for easy installation. Curb adaptors are internally insulated and gasket seals are provide for the unit-to-adaptor seal and the adaptor-to-existing curb seal.