Project Management

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 01:16

We have undertaken, and successfully completed many turnkey projects such as:

  • General HVAC projects
  • Air make up, filtration, and distribution
  • Dust collection
  • Conveyors and materials handling projects
  • Logistic engineering
  • Layout and flow planning
  • Energy management
  • Ovens (IR and convection)
  • Customized engineering projects

Groen Environmental Systems utilizes industry standard Project Management Tools that assist us to manage the schedule and costs associated with your project.

Multi-Project Scheduling

We plan multiple projects through cross-project dependencies and constraints

Department Management

We organize our resources into departments for planning, security, management, and reporting.

Resource Utilization Tools

We run multiple reports including resource-level allocation and utilization reports.

This allows us to successfully schedule and allocate resources to your project, streamline our operations and reduce the possibility of project conflicts and overruns.