Groen Wireless Zone Control

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 01:26

The Groen Environmental wireless air-volume, damper control system combines a portable handheld remote controller that wirelessly communicates with a discrete motor driving a damper to regulate the flow of the controlled gas, usually, air. This stand alone wireless unit is highly suited to commercial and home applications and may prove useful to the air balancing experts.

The uniqueness of this system lies with its ability to generate its own low voltage power through a series of turbines situated within the unit, charging the reliable DC power pack, it is also compact in size and easy to install at the end of your ducting run before the diffuser. The damper control system is advantageously designed for a plurality of dispersed dampers in a ducted network typically concealed from sight.

Access to individual dampers are usually difficult and time consuming, this unit allows the user to adjust the airflow and hence temperature of their work environment remotely to best suit their needs without having to adjust a thermostat or even have one installed, saving the owner time and money.