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Saturday, 05 December 2009 10:28

Why Choose Groen Environmental Systems?

You can count on us for innovative solutions, professional equipment selection, swift installations, and client friendly service.

Turnkey Solutions

Groen Environmental Systems' ability to supply turnkey solutions from design to final commissioning ensures economical and effective project implementation.

Single Point of Responsibility

When Groen Environmental Systems manages the complex layers of activities that are required for successful project implementation, your company can benefit from the convenience of a single point of responsibility.

We Free-up Your Resources

The challenges posed by these types of projects usually ties up your maintenance and engineering staff. Selecting Groen Environmental Systems will release your core company resources.

And Ultimately - Cost Savings

With Groen Environmental Systems you will only be charged a single markup for the whole project, compare this with the multiple levels of mark-up on top of mark-up in usual multi-contractor projects.

We multi-skill our workforce, facilitating the efficient use of manpower, transportation and overhead resources, and we implement cost effective bulk-purchasing methods

What does all of this mean to our clients?

It saves you time, resources and money.

Long standing clients have complemented us, saying that "selecting Groen Environmental Systems has created many valuable opportunities for total project cost-savings."

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